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    Location spotlight: Brimin's Burrow

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    Location spotlight: Brimin's Burrow

    Post by The Storyteller on Fri May 13, 2016 8:41 pm

    Brimin's Burrow

    It has been a long day in this first tenday of Mirtul, 1363 DR and the Gnomes of Brimin's Burrow do feel elated as the spring finally manages to pierce through the thickly forested slopes to the north of the Star Mounts.

    Despite the galling, ever-present shriek of the winds on the majestic Mounts and the impossibly frigid weather at times, the small gnomish community has much to be proud of as the midst of this year 1363, Year of the Wyvern, approaches.

    Brimin's Burrow, as it is known to its few and rather select neighbours, has long persisted by keeping its well-hidden existence a treasured secret. As the thick forests to the North of the Star Mounts give way to the labyrinthine gullies and crags of the old mountains, it would be hard for the occasional passer-by to spot anything indicating the existence of this secluded community.

    But spelunking this Year has gone particularly well, with an agate vein holding gems the size of one's fist being discovered;  and the Unicorn Run's boons have been telling indeed. In its swirling mists and pristine waters, Garl's reflection itself was purposedly spotted, smiling benignly on his beloved Forgotten Folk. And that by itself has sparkled a climate of euphoria amidst the small community.

    The Council of Three ruling over Brimin's Burrow has declared that at long last, -some- celebration might be in order. At the sound of such a proclamation, the Gnomes do relish at the perspective of the upcoming traditional Festival that has been the community's celebratory tradition for centuries.

    "Myriira's Joys", named after a well-known and long dead Elven wizard that has kept away the Dark from Brimin's Burrow, is just the way the good Gnomes would want it: a good-willed, but still quite upshaking business, full of music, dancing, feasting, storytelling, illusionary magic shows, drinking, and contests of strength and wit. It is a two-day affair, with the first day devoted to preparations (such as rehearsals of performances and cooking the wide variety of food necessary for the feast). The second day, beginning at dawn, is likely to be a sequence of songs and performances, mixed with appropriate rituals and remembrances, and liberally spiced with many opportunities to eat and drink. Ale and wine, together with the music and revelry, flows freely from dawn to dusk and throughout the following night.

    But what would become of a proper festival without guests? And of those, there can be no doubt of their identity. Deep in the slopes of Bard's Hill, one of the outer peaks of the Star Mounts where the community is located, a small valley is shared between the Forgotten Folk of Brimin's Burrow to the North and their Elven counterparts and centuries-old allies and friends to the south: the reclusive Elven village of Syrlaen.
    Held at awe (or mild curiosity, for those of Brimin's Burrow less prone to being impressed by the first pointy-eared neighbour of theirs) by many of the Gnomes, this small settlement is said to hold as many as six dozen Moon Elves, hidden deep in the Valley's depths. The fact that their neighbours and friends are avid quartz-sculptors and masons has been the cause of many exchanges between the two communities, with information and mutual assistance being the staple between them for many many years.

    It is a two-day trip between the two communities, for those that would know how to navigate the oft treacherous and snow-packed passages of the Valley (for which a name, most curiously, has never been uttered, simply referred to as the Valley). The path from Brimin's Burrow to Syrlaen is a descending one, a maze of crags and gullies and rocky passages until the soft grass of Syrlaen's outer reaches is finally trodden and the refreshing sound of the ancient, blessed waters of Unicorn Run can be heard.

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