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    Brimin's Burrow: NPCs - The Old Three

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    Brimin's Burrow: NPCs - The Old Three

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    Tisbarth, the Keeper of the Pick and by far the most grumbling of the Old Three, the ruling body of Brimin's Burrow. He has been around for as long as anyone can remember in the small community. A Gnome of considerable experience in matters of warfare, he has been the veteran of many small skirmishes with Orcs, Gnolls and other humanoids infesting the Star Mounts. His dislike of frolicks is legendary, as well as his impatience when it comes to dealing with his younger peers. A firm follower of Garl Glittergold, Tisbarth's words are few, but universally heard. A shake of his cane or a fake swing of his ancient mining pick will convince even the boldest of Gnomes that he is not one to be taken lightly.

    But a few days ago, uncharacteristically so, Tisbarth has declared that at long last, -some- celebration might be in order. Orc incursions and other trouble has been rare to spot in the last decade, after all. At the sound of such a proclamation, the accompanying shaking of his old oakwood cane and his sneezing snarls are universally lost.

    Lillylotta Gwindlehome


    As Keeper of the Lore amidst the Old Three, Lillylotta Glindlehome, gnomish matriarch (and self-admitted gossip), is the stark opposite of the old grouch and Keeper of the Pick, Tisbarth, who would keep himself busy for days upon end with matters of defence and war in Brimin's Burrow. Exuberant and ever smiling, her jibes and good humour are only surpassed by her umatched ability at snooping at anyone's affairs, with her (supposedly) old age serving as a particularly well-used excuse when her snooping gets well... too deep. Serving as the community's unofficial mayor, Lillylotta is the glue that holds the community together and smooths over disagreements at their nascent state with her silvery tongue. Her mastery of the pipes is universally agreed as a blessing: over the years, the Gnomes have appreciated her impromptu performances, which have always been a source of great entertainment but as well as covert politicking. Self-assured and confident in her role, Lillylotta delivers compliments and barbed jibes with equal ease, making sure any upstart troublemaker will be at the scathing end of her tongue.



    The Old Three's ... well, third member is the Keeper of the Hearth, Barkkan. An oddity in that he is the youngest ever Gnome to hold office as part of the Old Three, Barkkan the Golden is truly a special individual of the community: the former acolyte has been Tisbarth's sole and unanimous nomination (along with Lillylotta) to the post of Keeper of the Hearth after his predecessor, an extremely aged Cleric of Garl Glittergold named Falthev passed away, no questions asked (not that any answers were to be given, one would easily surmise). Rumours about his nomination are rife, with tall tales circulating regularly on the subject, from him being a fey foundling to having divine blood in his veins. But regardless of the lowly gossip, Barkkan is unanimously appreciated for being the kindest of souls, a skilled herbalist-healer and an extremely good listener, with sharp insight to those confide in him. One to express opinions slowly, often pondering upon days as he tends to the Flame's Hearth, the village's sacrosanct flame in the small temple of Garl Glittergold, the Watchful Protector. And such an introspective character is truly a boon for the cleric: for you see, gentle reader, for Barkkan to voice -any- kind of opinion, a miracle would have first been required.

    He is mute.

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